Narradrama combines concepts of Narrative therapy with Drama Therapy and the Creative Arts. This approach offers action-oriented methods (projective, psychodramatic and externalizing) with the hope of encouraging personal agency and awareness of unique outcomes and alternative stories. Participants are invited to utilize Narradrama to restory their life and shape their future in a preferred way.

Narradrama borrows freely from psychology, sociology, anthropology, experimental theatre, music, dance, and poetry. All of these forms of expression may, at various times, be helpful to the participant in expanding their awareness of their internalized narratives and/or in considering alternatives to a problem as well as possible solutions. While traditional narrative therapy utilizes primarily “talk therapy”, narradrama draws from and incorporates all of the creative arts. For example, dancers or athletes might be accustomed to communicating with their body, while painters might be more comfortable communicating visually. Narradrama also consists of a therapist/facilitator that collaboratively interacts with an individual or a group of participants, instead of acting in a privileged, authoritative position (i.e. patriarchy).