The goal of CTC is to extend opportunities for personal growth to all members of our immediate community. The phenomenal facilitators at CTC offer a range of support groups, social action events, and therapeutic meetings.  Contact CTC or Pam Dunne to learn more about our community offerings, and understanding how the creative arts therapies can benefit you!

Narradrama with Pam Dunne PhD, RDT-BCT

End of Life support with Trisha Jauchler, MA, MS, RDT/BCT, CBF, CT, CDP

Creative Arts with Danielle Levanas, MA, RDT, LCAT

Movement-based Support with Deva Connett, LPCC-4657, BC-DMT, GL-CMA

Drama and Poetry with Jen Faith Brown, MFA, RDT and Cynthia Kelvin PsyD, RDT, CPT

ADHD support with Kamran Afary, PhD